Working the night grind

As you all know, I work late at night and usually do all my net activities during this time.

This isn't new to me, I've been in a call center before. It had its perks and whatnots but the monotonous grind wore me down.

But why am I on the nightshift again you may ask?

First, this new gig of mine isn't in a call center. I work in a media research company now and what's usually in front of me is a trusty PC, lotsa coffee and the 'net for work and entertainment (???) along the shift.

Second, my life as teacher, sad to say, is over as of the start of the summer vacation. Turns out that, though I love teaching young people, my patience runs thin in the most vulnerable places so I had to give it up. I'd rather mind myself than a hundred or so teenagers, most of whom don't care about how you do things for their benefit and such.

Third, I now have the time to think of my other options. I'd figure them out as I go along...

So, I'm back! Great! Fact that I'm writing here is proof that I'm in a much better place than where I was before. 
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