Buy One Take One

You gotta love 'em- Buy One Take One burgers.

For the one that thought of this concept, I salute you. It's just sheer genius. When everything seems to go up in terms of prices out comes a solution that satisfies both the belly and pocket.

I especially like the ones by Burger Machine. By far the tastiest of the bunch though they were never the first in the 'Buy One Take One' bandwagon. Their Jumbo Burgers are a real value, my personal favorite is getting one with mayo/ketchup and the other w/ barbecue sauce.

As I recall it was Minute Burger (correct me if I'm wrong) which started this whole shebang and for the record, they're 2nd on my list particularly their Double Burgers. They're more filling though some fry cooks tend to bathe the patties in oil.

There are other joints well worth mentioning like Delicioso burgers currently localized here in Laguna. They offer free coleslaw on all their stuff even in their hotdogs and it turns out their patties and coleslaw are not that bad either.

So you hungry yet? head out to your nearest Buy One Take One joint now!
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