Hari-ang Hero na EMO by Andrew Villar

A totally different Andrew Villar (the guy that writes/draws Ambush on the Manila Bulletin, yep it's him)  brings out his take on the superhero genre with his web exclusive title Hari-ang Hero na EMO.

Hari-ang Hero na EMO is very different from Andrew's usual Ambush fare, as aside form it being written in Tagalog, it shows a very human superhero in the form of Hari. Hari is a essentially a story about a down-trodden superhero, left by his lady love and given all kinds of crap life can offer. Andrew shows that even superheroes like Hari can experience all this, much llike any pedestrian like you and me would in any given day.  Although in Hari's case, its all wrapped up in an adventurous romp packed in black humor and Pinoy cultural references.

This one is so good it can't wait to be read. Click on the link above and see for yourself!

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