Reinforcements have arrived

2013 is fast becoming one of my lucky years in terms of plamo. starting this week, I've been getting some cool stuff from the mail. One of them:

A huge pile of hand-me-down gunpla!

Some of the kits here are GOLDEN, especially the Gundam Wing kits. All of them were already built but  are in good condition. But quite a few like the Chaos and Saviour are missing some parts (like that would stop me!). To my surprise, some of the boxes came with a handful of useful bits that I can use for future projects.

But that wasn't all. More after the jump!
Now before the other stuff, I suddenly had the mood to build. Believe me, when I'm in this sort of mood, I could on for weeks before I ran out of steam/kits to finish. I started of with:

 A classic 1/144 Non-Grade Gundam Sandrock.The box it came from indicated that this was the reissue kit from 2000, the ones that came with mini-figures of the pilots. Sadly, the Quatre figure was missing but its OK.

I had it sanded and am now proceeding to seam line removal and pre-painting mods. This should be up in a few days.

Luckily, the Heavy arms kit came with the Trowa Barton mini figure still intact. I'm gonna paint him side-by-side the Sandrock for kicks.

And the other stuff? Here they are, a somewhat sizeable shipment of miniatures bits that I'll be busying myself for weeks to come. Have at it!
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