We need a plamo of Dai-X

Correct me if there is one already, but we are in dire need of a Dai-X plamo.

Dai-X is the giant robot from the series X-Bomber, more popularly known as Starfleet outside Japan. A gist of the story: an alien empire is out to invade the Earth and it is up to the rag tag crew of the X-Bomber to stop them. All the while intrigue abounds as the (enemy) Empire looks for the mysterious 'F-01' to be used for their nefarious schemes. Overall a great SF show that used 'super maroination' along the lines of Thunderbirds. It gained a cult following in England and in some parts of Asia.

Back to Dai-X. It's Starfleet's trump card against the Empire and is comprised of 3 interlocking fighter ships piloted by the show's hero trio: Shiro, Barry and John. Whenever the X-bomber is on a tight situation, the dudes form up Dai-X and proceeds to stomp Empire ass to the other end of the galaxy. Mecha has long been a staple of super marionation shows but giant robots, especially Dai-X are one of a kind. In fact, i don't recall any other super marionation show that featured another giant robot at all!

For some, Dai-X seemed to be run-of-the-mill giant robot fare with his gattai (combination) sequence,weapons and such, but the show made it extra special. Dai-X's docking sequence had a lot of detail put into it, quite impressive for something out of robot anime shows. Then again, Dai-X was designed by the great Go Nagai himself, which may be a big surprise for those just discovering the show.

I remember Starfleet being shown in the late afternoon slot during weekdays, I'd rush home from school to catch all that '80's cartoon fare and being a kid back then,I have always wanted a Dai-X robot for my own. There were a number of Gokins (metal action figures) and plastic toys of Dai-X and as was in those days, they were hard to come by. Especially if the show is not that popular. And will all the 70's, 80's and 90's robot toy and kit revivals happening left and right from major toy and model kit lines, shouldn't it be time for a plastic kit of Dai-X as well?

Nod if you agree with me here.

I'll leave you with a video of Brian May singing the ending theme for Starfleet. Yes, THE Brian May OF Queen. He's a huge fan of the show and this is his way of returning the favor to all the good memories it brought about. Also check out SFXB a great fansite for all things Starfleet. They've been up since 2002 and has been the authority for Starfleet in the interwebs ever since.
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