WH40K Commission Week 5: Iron Hands Rhino

I actually had this finished last week but I gave way for my IPMS coverage. So here's my first stint in armor, an Iron Hands Space Marine Rhino APC. not much in the way of camo or weathering,I used the painting references in the codex for this one. Also note that Warhammer 40k Space Marines actually flaunt their colors on the battlefield thus they see camo as something cowardly.

The Rhino is a STC (Standard Template Construct) by the way, sort of saying that it's chassis is pretty standard and modular. Which makes a it good base for other Imperial vehicles such as the Razorback, Whirlwind and Vindicator among others.

 In game terms, it can transport 10 Space Marines across the board and has a mean Storm Bolter (manned) on the pintle for a little suppression.

I had the mufflers and gun barrels hollowed out, sort of a SOP for me whenever I work with guns and other tubular structures. It's a simple pre-painting modification but it sure enhances the 'realism' of any kit.

I had a lot of fun with it. I'd try out the techniques I've learned from this if more armor kits come by in the near future.

More next time!

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