IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 Part 3

Ok I'll be concluding my coverage of the IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 2011 with a barrage of sci-fi kits and the best of the best.

I'll start off with a gratuitous one:

Dino-ridin' uh, cowgirl takes the cake.

Warhammer's High Elves struttin'

Best Howling Griffons Space Marines I've ever seen thus far

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard that won later in the event 

Assault on Black Reach never looked this good

Now for some cars:

Hachi Roku!

More Sci-fi kits than you can chew on:

Two REXES. 'Nuff said

Awesome Tieren diorama. Can you spot the Easter eggs?

Can't get enough of the REX!

The Tumbler! In mini form!

I call this 'Valkyrie Alley'

Guld's YF-21 from Macross Plus

Never  knew there was a Vic Viper kit till that day

Cosmo Fighter from Space Battleship Yamato
Tau tanks and Star Wars walkers

Star Wars Jedi Starfighters

Gorgeous classic X-wing

Marine transport from Aliens

You can tell I love the Metal Gear REXes much

Imperial Armor!


Masterlassed Baneblde

More Imperial Armor

You can tell that the display is huge with the Baneblade alone
And some OMAKE (Extras)!

Passed by Toy Kingdom and here's what they have in front of their store: 

1/1 Kamen Rider Blade!

1/1 Hulk. Don't wanna make this guy angry!

My lord Vader...

Me trying to do a henshin.

And that's it for my coverage! Till the next IPMS Finals!
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