WH40K Commissions Week 3:Iron Hands 2nd Squad

Squad up, Marines!

Continuing with Week 4 of my Space Marines commissions. this is the 2nd squad, designated red on their shoulder trims. I had the heavy weapons guys batched up because the owner forgot to hand them over from the last batch.

Heavy weapons dudes upfront.

Flamer dude's money shot.

Gameplay notes: I had the shoulder trim blank on the heavy weapons guys because they'll be swapped out from time to time unto other squads. Until the owner gets more marines, I will do them like so.

Sergeant with glowy power sword. Forgot to paint his bionic eye argh.
The Terminators and Dreadnought has been featured yet again on the front page of Mechapinoy by the way. Check it out as well as other kick ass kits from the forum members themselves.

And next on the painting block is....

Yup, their Rhino's next!

I would have to say that I'm kinda intimidated with this one, as it is my first time to paint armor of any scale. But somehow, having painted a lot of mecha kits give me confidence on this one.

*Note before I go: Mechapinoy's Formula 144 is up this week and I'll be there on Friday for the judging. There won't be any Deviant Feature this week, but it will resume next week. So for the fans of that column, bear with me OK?

More to come in the following weeks!

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