Remembering some (Macross) Love

Time flies so fast. I remember watching the original Macross TV series in grade school, before I was exposed to Gundam a decade later (college years). It was the first 'real robot' show I laid eyes on and fell in love with. The show was cutting edge even at that time when anime was not that popular yet (and still awkwardly called 'japanimation') and the only SF series shown on the 'tube was of the hardcore kind. It was more than a mecha show, a span ahead of the 'monster-of-the-week' robot shows back then. Don;t get me wrong, Super Robot also have a spot on my heart. Any mecha show for that matter. But Macross is special much like love at first sight.

And now, 30 years past, Macross still reminds us to 'remember love'.

So, members of the local mecha building community Mechapinoy are planning to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary next year with a gathering of fans from all over the country . From the forum front page itself:

 "Next year the world will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the series which popularized Variable Fighters, Giant Alien Invaders, Idol Singers, and Love Triangles in the mecha genre and we want you to be part of it! Looks like local Macross fans are gearing up for the 30th Anniversary of the series!"

Now I'm obliged to finish my pending VF model kits :D I got one down with my VF-1 Battroid finished some time ago. And I still got a 1/60 VF-17 Nightmare and a 1/144 VF-11 Thunderbolt in the works so, yeah a lot of work to be done before the anniversary.

Tune in for more info on this event as more info comes along.
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