1/72 VF-1 Finished

I had this little piece featured a few weeks ago and now it's finished. It took around 6 weekends to finish this one and I can really say that big kits are a challenge to me.

Anyway, i had this planned to show it's original colors but since I like to look like no one else's Valkyrie, I decided to have it on metallics. I used Vallejo acrylics on this one, mainly gunmetal, soot, flat black and silver. The panel lines were done with Copic markers sized 0.05 and 0.03.

Probably the best thing I've enjoyed on this kit is the Skull Squadron emblem on the cockpit cover. Also, I loved the sticker placement I did on this one (which are actually left-over sticker from a RG RX-78-2 Gundam)Turns out the color scheme worked fine and dandy, definitely one of my best works thus far.

More pics after the jump.

So what's next after this? I'm taking a break from building plamo for about 2-3 weekends but I'll gonna be back with more Variable Fighter (VF) builds.

More pics of this on my DeviantArt by the way.

See you all around!
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