WIP: 1/72 Battroid Valkyrie

Unpainted, shown to scale next to a can of flour pumice.
After finishing the 1/100 V2 recently., I decided to work on another hand-me-down from a friend of mine: A 1/72 scale Battroid Valkyrie made by Hasegawa. This is the second 'large' mecha kit I'm working on, as 1/144 is usually my working scale.

Now this is a 'fixed' figuration kit; It's non-transformable apparently because Bandai has the license for the transformation gimmicks for their Macross kits. So the Hasegawa kits have to make do with their Macross kits molded in one configuration. But then again, Hasegawa is known for their top notch aircraft kits and this shows in their Valkyrie.  There are a lot of little details in the form of groves, pinions and notches akin to a Hasegawa aircraft kit. So far, I'm loving this build.

Base coated after some weeks of procrastination
 This one is in Battroid form kinda like how Starscream looks like in his robot form. The fuselage forms the torso, the thrusters form the legs and the arms are formed out of the body of the Valkyrie. The kit is mostly snap built, but there were a lot of parts I've cemented and sanded so that everything would fit and look seamless.  

I've base coated the parts with gunmetal, so you can be pretty sure how this will be turning out. As you can see, details. A lot of it. I'm yet to see a Bandai VF kit have all this crazy detail.

That's all for now! Oh, you might want to check out some Revoltech Valkyries from 45fresh. If you're the kind that's more into mecha action figures then this line is for you.

*A few notes: I constantly refer to the VF-1 as a 'Valkyrie'. I am using Macross naming conventions which are very different from Robotech conventions. For example, the VF-1 is designated as a "Veritech' in Roobotech and so is the word 'Battloid' (humanoid form). Mre into this, but I'll leave it off for another day.

One more pic,for the road. Look at all those parts!

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