Deviant Feature: PhantasmaStriker:

the infamous Armored Core Ninball Seraph
Featured on Rai's Garage today is the enigmatic PhantasmaStriker, a deviant with a mission. His works involves mecha in all manner of shapes, size and ordnance level. take a look at his awesome line work from his Armored Core interpretations (a personal fave -Rai) and his originals. And, as with any Deviant Feature, we let him do some talking:

 Rai's Garage: First off, what's your real name? Can you tell us that or would you stick to your DA persona?
PhantasmaStriker: Eh, I would rather just stick to my DA name. PhantasmaStriker has a nice ring to it I say ;)

Rai's Garage: Tell us something about yourself: age, occupation, country of origin, other hobbies/interest beyond DA etc.
PhantasmaStriker: Age(23-25) Nationality is Asian. Born and raised in the US. Haha, well my job isn't something to write home to but its what gives me my income, so lets just leave it as that. My hobbies outside of drawing is video gaming(pretty hardcore gamer), watching anime, hanging out with friends/spending time with my GF. And toys, I love fully articulated and highly detailed figurines and plastic models.

White Glint from Armored Core For Answer

 Rai's Garage: What do you normally post in DA?
PhantasmaStriker: Mostly just mechanical designs. Some vary from stuff like Armored Core to my own original creations which is what I've been prioritizing as of late.

Rai's Garage: How did you know of DA?
PhantasmaStriker: I've known DA since way back due to Gaia Online. I used to be a part of many dedicated message boards and forums then I kinda grew bored of most of the forums and decided to just settle down one one main site to host my art. Been a DA resident for 4 years now.

Rai's Garage: What does your interests/hobbies mean to you?
PhantasmaStriker: A lot, it's what makes me who I am as an individual.

Rai's Garage: What normally inspires you as an artist/deviant?
PhantasmaStriker: The need to improve and just to throw my ideas somewhere out there. While I just draw just to draw, it usually lets me escape reality for a little while.
His favorite, FATE TERMINUS,an original design

Rai's Garage: Craziest things you did for a piece of work/deviation?
PhantasmaStriker: Sorry, nothing crazy as of yet. Unless I do a scratch build model based on one of my many drawings/designs then that will be crazy lol

Rai's Garage: What is your favorite piece of work?
PhantasmaStriker: Fate Terminus. Though despite the many errors that are in that drawing, it looks cool xD Rai's Garage: Aside from DA, where can we watch you?
PhantasmaStriker: Well I don't have any other places atm, but I am heavily thinking about maybe opening a Tumblr account in the near future. I'll announce it when that happens. 

Rai's Garage: Advice for fellow deviants with the same interests as yours:
PhantasmaStriker: While it may be hard to come up with something original design-wise, just draw it up anyway. Sometimes you'll be glad you did for its an idea and shouldn't go to waste.
A Pulvurizer unit from AC3

Another one of his original designs

 See more of PhantsamaStriker's work at his DA page.

 *All drawings and concepts owned by the artist. Works used with proper permission.
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