IPMS Nationals/Mechapinoy Formula 144 Part 1

So as promised here's my report on the recently concluded IPMS Nationals/MEchapinoy Formula 144 contest (held last October 21, 2011 at SM Megamall). The whole event was huge with over a dozen displays featuring scale model aircraft, cars, armor, sci-fi model and of course gunpla.

I'll be splitting this series into parts as I took a TON of pics for you guys to enjoy. I'll be concentrating on gunpla for this part.

These are actually part of the Sci-fi category for the IPMS Nationals.

The idea for Mechapinoy's Formula 144 is that the participants would build 1/144 scale gunpla on on out-of-the-box format. Which means that the kit would have to built from parts and markings available right out of the box with no modifications (excepts for pre-paint mods) whatsoever. Custom colors are allowed though.

Still not part of Formula 144., but contains cool mecha nonetheless.

So here are the entries. See for yourselves:

My own Red Frame.

Standing with the champ. Yeah, Kenneth's Gadessa Won.

2nd placer Bong's classic Juagg

Zaku F2000 entry

nicely weathered Tierren

Another classic: a Gyan

Very Khaki Geara Zulu

Innovator123's Gaplant

The champs: Bong in purple and Kenneth in red.

All in all the event was fun, a total of 8 winning places (out of 20 entries) were filled out. I'm looking forward to more contests from the Mechapinoy peeps. Stay tuned for more reports, next time it'll be for the local IPMS Nationals.
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