Deviant Feature: jiyujin55

Up on Rai's Garage today is jiyujinn55, a simple guy with an seemingly ordinary life albeit with an unperturbed love for gunpla and other plamo. Let's get to know more of this extraordinary dude.

Love the Backgorund as much as his MG Destiny :D
Rai's Garage: First off, what’s your real name? Can you tell us that or would you stick to your DA persona?
jiyujinn55: My real name is Sebastiaan van der Horst

Awesome  MG Strike IWSP 
Rai's Garage:  Tell us something about yourself: age, occupation, country of origin, other hobbies/interests beyond DA etc.
jiyujinn55: I’m 21 years old, Studying to become a history teacher , second year now, and still loving it! I was born in the city of Zoetermeer. Still living there , with my parents. I don’t have a lot of other hobbies. I love to run, I have a love for movies, whenever there is time I am watching movies . And of course there is gunpla , my second great love!

Rai's Garage: What do you normally post in DA?
jiyujinn55: Usually gunpla and so once in a while other kits if I don’t feel like gunpla’ing for a while 

Rai's Garage: How did you know of DA? I got introduced to DA a couple of years ago by a friend and thought it was a nice way to share my gunpla with the world and check the art of some awesome and great artists on the web

Rai's Garage: What does your interests/hobbies mean to you?
jiyujinn55: My hobbies mean quite a lot to me , wouldn’t know what to do without my gundams (probably find another hobby haha xD ) But yeah , it’s not so much that I love the building. But I LOVE painting them and I love the end result.

Exia Avalanche
Rai's Garage: What normally inspires you as an artist/deviant?
jiyujinn55: I like to look at the work of some great gunpla builders and modelers , just looking at what those people can do to simple kits always motivates me to do it better next time.

Rai's Garage: Craziest thing you did for a piece of work/deviation?
jiyujinn55: Craziest thing…. Hmm well, that’s probably the time I jumped over the balcony (1st floor) when the wind blew down a piece of arm armor of my MG destiny gundam , I paniced and jumped after it, I wasn’t harmed though haha

Rai's Garage: What is your favorite piece of work?
jiyujinn55: A piece of work I made? Or someone else ? well, mine is my Destiny gundam, First MG I painted and it’s still my baby , very proud of it. And from someone else well that has to be the Unicorn Centaur vs Kshatriya from Alphaleo14  Pretty much everything he makes is very inspirational.

A different take on the Leopard
Rai's Garage: Aside from DA, where can we watch you?
jiyujinn55: Uhm , DA is pretty much the only thing I have!

Rai's Garage: Advice for fellow deviants with the same interests as yours:
jiyujinn55: Never stop hobbying! And always aspire to be the greatest! We all get better with time!

Thank you very much jiyujinn55!
No sir. Thank you! :D
He's in to Warhammer 40,000 too
Catch jiyujinn55 andhis latest works on his Deviantart Account here.

*All works and photos are owned and copyright by the artist. Used with proper and prior permission.
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