Wait a sec: Adidas + Daft Punk + Star Wars + Snoop Dogg + the World Cup = What?

...is equal to this:

Adidas' new ad for the World Cup.

First of all, I'm not all into clothes or fashion or stuff. I'm a wash and wear dude; if it's  clean, I'll wear it. I'm not particular about clothes or shoe brands or whatever, just like any geeks-to-the-core out there.I'm basically your T-shirt and jeans guy.

So why am I so crazy about this ad? Simple. It has Daft Punk on it. I'm really a nut for these guys, ever since their Discovery album. Add in Star Wars and you've got me all eyes and ears on this one.

Oh, Snoop Dogg's there, never really noticed.And hey, some other celebs too...
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