Office horror

I hate talking about scary things. Especially when I have experienced it myself. For people who know me, they can attest that I am not supernaturally attuned.

But then there are moments that make me believe that supernatural forces abound. Such is the case last week when we had power fluctuations in our office. it was so bad that the crew from the other room had to relocate to the upper floor (our offices are located in a basement and 2nd floor of a building in Los Baños).

So the team where I belong to were left in the basement, which is pretty much OK. That was until the electricity went haywire and all of a sudden, me and about half a dozen of my teammates felt like we were in an episode of Silent Hill. Mind you, there are still 3 vacant spaces down here at the basement and as the power flux kept getting more erratic, we heard noises coming from the other rooms. Funny thing is, everything's fine on the other floors. back to our side of reality, our lights kept blinking in and out with matching scratches and other noises from farther down the basement. Noises we haven't heard of before.

I was scared and I'm pretty sure my other office mates were too that day. We we relieved that the shift was over and that the maintenance guys were coming in to fix the flux. The power's fine now,thank goodness but the little eerie noises are still there.  From then on, I try not to stay long into the corridors or look past the other units.

I dunno, there are a lot of things that my science cannot explain. Halloween's still far off the calendar and I try not to think about that fact. Right now,I'm just trying to pull myself together whenever something eerie is happening around here.

Thing is after all that and I though that everything is in place, I heard from one of the security guards as well as from one of the chambermaids that someone committed suicide in one the rooms here at the basement...
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