One word for these TRON toys:


I'm crazy about toys, Especially the ones that remind me of my childhood when I'm not yet able to buy toys myself.

Fast forward to now and endowed with the ability to buy whatever I want (provided I can afford it of course), I can say that I'm catching up with the little kid inside of me.

I'm so excited with all the stuff that come out these days. I once thought that the new Transformer toy line was great until I stumbled upon these on Toy News International:

TRON as a movie was epic in itself back in the '80's. I've seen what they are planning to do with the remake. But the TRON toys are another story. take that action figure above for example. An action figure that lights up is good enough but a toy that lights up AAAAAAND has an animated face on it is truly a class on it's own.

But that doesn't stop there:
This baby over here is a R/C TRON Lightcycle that could run on walls. You heard me right. I repeat : the TRON action figures have animated faces and the light cycle clings and runs on walls. What would they think of next?

I'm all excited now...really, really excited.
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