Office horror part 2: 'Dark Corridor'

This video was taken last July 6,2010 around 3 A.M. Thought I might investigate the 'anomalous activities' running around our office area. So I borrowed a PSP Go Cam and decided to observe the corridor at the end of our office area.

If you observe closely, the end of the corridor (which should have a wall  with an exhaust fan attached to it) is not visible though there's ample lighting. The area where the anomalous sounds come from was 'silent' at that moment. And as far as I can tell, there's nothing on the video that is quite anomalous at the time that I shot it. On the other hand,I could be wrong.

So far I cannot extrapolate or conclude on the events that happened in our office 2 weeks ago. Perhaps more investigation is needed?

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