Project: TARDIS

I decided to break off from building little plastic robots and do a little something different.

I'm a new Doctor Who fan thanks to Gerry Alanguilan snd his wife Ilyn .I actually started w/ Torchwood season 3 (Childen of Earth), they explained to me that it was just a spin-off of the series (although Torchwood already blew my mind) so they introduced me to the 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant). It's all go from that point, so I'm gonna see most of the series hehe.

And now, for Project:TARDIS; the TARDIS is the Doctor's main mode of getting around almost, well everywhere and in any time period even! TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. It's a craft that's disguised (and remained as) a British Police box that the Doctor uses as a base of operations and transport. It's an icon in the series, let's say it's synonymous to Superman's phone booth or Batman's bat cave.

Anyhow, this weekend my hands just itched and I thought of building a mock-up of the TARDIS in 1:20 scale. Here's how it's doing so far:

It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, without the interlocking parts that is.

First,I converted the TARDIS' measurements (at least from those on reference pictures i got and a little help from a friend *wink!*) into 1:20 scale. Then , I got some illustration and proceeded to cut the sides for the TARDIS to spec, taking note of all the measurements I've done.

Yes, that's a bathroom tile. That serves as my palette.

Then, I prepared some plasticard (from spent game and phone cards, btw if any of you have some of these, please donate it or sell them to me XD) and proceeded to base paint them light grey. These would be used for the panes on all sides of the TARDIS.

Oh no! A!

So after all that, I put up all the sides together with double-sided tape. I had a rough time with the corners, but I managed it somehow.

Awryt so all's that is done. I'll be working on the roof,flooring and paint for this one over the rest of the weekends. This is just a mock-up btw, I plan to mass-produce this once the mock-up and templates are done. And I'm planning to do it all with thicker plasticard.

Stay tuned!
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