I survived the Philipppine 24 hour comic book Challenge!

It was one crazy ride and boy, it was FUN!

I stayed at Dex'  (which was also a participant) place. First thing we did after receiving the theme was to plot out our stories. And while we're at it, we watched Spartacus along and was a ***bit*** distracted. Here are some pics:

I ran on Gatorade, bread, adrenaline and sheer willpower during those grueling 24 hours. My big mistake was to underestimate the whole thing, thinking that I can pull it off at half the time. I finished at 6am or 21 hours up the challenge, with everything done manually except for the scanning and uploading of course.
 The theme for the Challenge was: "Bakit Astig ang Pinoy? (Why is the Pinoy Hardcore). I chose to have it in Filipino to adhere more to the theme. The main inspiration for this work are those "Choose your own Adventure" books I've read when I was a high schooler. I thought that doing a linear comic would be too expected so I opted to do something that the reader might enjoy.
Here's the link to my comics by the way, enjoy! Just one piece of advise: read from the first page and follow the instructions carefully: "Tsong, Astig ka ba?"

And here's the link for the event itself with all the participant's works. It would be best to click on the name of the artist on the side bar for their complete work: Philipppine 24 hour comic book Challenge

And oh, I just found out over the weekend that a number of the participant's interviews (including yours truly) were published on the Philippine Online Chronicle. Here are the links:

Komiks Gladiators | Part 1 | Part2 | Part 3

To all other Challengers, kudos to you all and let's give ourselves a big pat on the back!
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