Things I learned from Metal Gear Solid

1.Women are always turned on by the uniform.

2.Nanotech sucks, like STD.

3. Whiny doctors stick to your ass and ask for your help in destroying their mobile weapons platform (which is their fault in the first place anyway)

4.With proper training, one can bust down a tank or helicopter on his own.

5.Everything is hard to get by, so everything should be procured on-site.

6. Sometimes a vacation can suck, especially if it's in enemy territory.

7. Nosy people can be nosier if you have an embedded communications device in you.

8. Anything that crawls, walks, flies or swim can be eaten

9. You can beat the crap out of people and get rewards for it.

10. Wearing almost nothing but guns and ammo while charging into enemy territory is uber macho stuff.

*note: Screen shots shown here from the game were taken using the in-game screen capture feature and are copyright by Konami 2010.
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