Assault on Black Reach Space Marines Complete!

Whew! Out off hiatus! Well. Sort of.
Finally finished the last mini on my Assault on Black Reach set: a Space Marine Dreadnought! Armed w/ a multi-melta and a powerfist/storm bolter combo which is the default armament for a walker of its kind.


So I'm officially finished with my Assault on Black Reach Space Marines after about 4 months since they were purchased. It felt too long but heck at least I'm done.

I had a lot of difficulties with this guy especially on his left shoulder detail. I can't get the flames right everytime so I had it shelved for a long time. One day "I said, heck I'm gonna finish it once and for all, flames be damned" so I had it done like what you see right now.

So here's my whole task force of Salamanders Space Marines thus far which consists of a Commander, 10 man squad w/ Veteran Sergeant, 5 man Terminator squad with Sergeant and a Dreadnought. There will be more of these guys but it will take a long time for me to fill up the ranks again. I'll be concentrating on my orks now. 

Like dem bosses.


More to come!

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