Warhammer 40,000: Building on a Budget 2

Continuing on my chronicling my forays on Warhammer 40,000 on a budget, here are my most recently finished projects that were done on a budget (Egad! <<< as 'on a budget' is mostly unheard of in this hobby).

 Let me begin with what I've left off from my last post: DAT KUSTOM KILLA KAN!

This starter life as a torso I brought off from an online store for less than a quarter of its expected price. I got 3 of the said torsos and waited eagerly for them to arrive. Turns out, the Post Office had a tad of a problem with this particular shipment resulting to yours truly coming over to the said office after about 5 weeks of waiting for its arrival.

But the wait it all worth it and as soon as I got home,  I hunched over my work table to tinker with these bad boys.

I had all of them installed with magnetized weapon mounts (at the shoulders if you may). I finished one to serve as a guide model (I usually do this, especially if I'm painting 3 or more models).

The colors inspired from Gundam: The 08th MS Team. The arm/close combat weapon, legs and ranged weapons are all procured from other similar sized model kits. This one (and all others) are counted as having a Close combat weapon and a Rokkit Launcha.

So with this done, there's 2 more to go! Hope I can get to finish the ladz before the world/year ends!

And of course, more to come from yours truly!
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