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I've been running a number of DeviantArt deviant features these past few months. But I've never imagined that I'm being featured on one.
Deviant yurikawamura had me and 14 other deviants featured in one of her journal entries. She's a fine  artists through and through as evidenced by her photographs and line art in her gallery. She's also the founder of  BANDAI-hobyyist, a small enclave of kit builders and collectors of everything from Bandai.

Check it out here:

♫and it goes like this♫
And it might be just a coincidence but on the same day, Mechapinoy (a local mecha kit building forum) decided to feature me for the 4th time on their front page. This time for my own Salamanders. Here's the link:


And weeks earlier, they had the Iron Hands Space Marines (painted for a friend) featured:



Very thankful for all of these! Gets me all fired up whenever I get feedback as awesome as this.
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