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...from all the Warhammery stuff.
Odds and Ends
First there's this awesome anime CCG called Weiss Schwarz, and now its a Gundam minis game.

You heard me right, there is a GUNDAM MINIS GAME and its called Gundam Collection Tactical Battles.

A friend of mine from the local mecha forum introduced me to Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB). Apparently, it has been around for some time, in the early 2000's to be exact. Prior to this, I am not aware/do not have prior knowledge about this minis game. It's because the game didn't have any translations/translators since it was introduced and it's just now that i knew of a group of dedicated people who did all the translation work.

Zeonic Front
I had a handful of minis from the Gundam Collection line for some time now. Much of them came blind boxed from a local Japanese goods store or from store bargain bins. All the while i thought that they're just another way for Bandai to sell more stuff. But making a minis game out of it takes the whole model line into a new level.

Gundam Collection Tactical Battles (GCTB) works with 1/400 and even 1/350 scale figures from the Gundam Collection line but can also include figures from keychains and bottle tops as long as they are more or less in that size. It's a skirmish game that can be played on a 60 cm x 60 cm table but larger battles can be played on larger areas accordingly. Players assemble a force of Gundam minis chosen according to their points value and faction. The objective of the each game varies but it's usually the elimination of the opponent's force.
Got these from the 1/400 METEOR set

Here's the group's FB fan page the game where you can DL the translated rules and stat cards.

Shown to scale
So with all this, I think I'll be playing a few games of it. WH40K can wait.

Oh, and I think I'd repaint some models too.
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