Happy Warhammery New Year

Thought I start 2012 with a bang. Like so:

Yep, finished my Space Marines Tactical Squad and Captain. And more!

These are my own Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines from the Assault on Black Reach set (I did some Marines earlier albeit for a friend). I did them as Salamanders because nobody in our gaming circle plays them yet. And besides I like their special rule : in game terms, the Salamanders' have their flamers, heavy flamers, meltas, mult-meltas and Thunder Hammers master-crafted when their head honcho Vulkan Hestan is around.

Squad with their Sergeant

Sergeant front and center

The flamer guy

The Missile Launcher guy

Tactical dudes read, front and side views

The Captain

Spent nearly 2 weeks on this cape

"Officer on deck!"

More of the dudes
And when I say more, here's more!

I cancelled the Scratch building for my Ork Deff Dredd and settled for a conversion/kit bash this time around. Same Korean SD kit (I recently found out they're called 'Omoroids') but I fused it with an Ork Deff Kopta from the Assault on Black Reach set. I did it so it'll be more 'game worthy' as the local competitive rules state that around 70% of a model should be from a Games Workshop model so you can field it legally.

So here it is. I plan to call it 'Wrecks'.

Here's 20 more Ork Boyz for me to finish hehe. They're gonna be a new squad called 'Ard Boyz because they're regu;ar boyz issued with extra armor. Same goes for their Nob (what Orkz call their 'nobles') which I will fit with a scratch built power klaw. 

This'll gonna be tough XD.

More to come people!
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