WH40K: Salamanders Space Marines Terminators

Second wave of my Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines that I'm currently working on.   

Here's my Salamanders Space Marines Terminators ready to roll out. They're the Elites called upon when there is a threat graver than any other Space Marine could handle. Each Terminator wears tactical Dreadnought armor and is armed with the best weapons available. 

Terminator Sergeant

Now I had my fair share of these guys when I was commissioned by a friend to do his some time ago. I made his as Iron Hands like this Tactical squad here.

Bob's your uncle!!!

Keeping the fire and flames motif
I had some highlights placed on these. Frankly, I'm not a fan of highlighting but the Terminators here made me change my mind. The edges were too hard to pass off so there, I worked on them and I was pretty satisfied with it all.

One showing of his junked trunk

'Table top view'
So that just leaves the Dreadnought and my whole Assault on Black Reach Marines will be fully painted.

Further info on Terminators here at the Lexicanum.

More to come!


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