Finished: Squad Barrachus of the Salamanders

As I always say here: another day, another kit finished.

A 5-man Combat Squad I speed painted in under 6 hours. I made them to fill up my 500- points Salamanders Space Marines Combat Patrol.

This is Squad Barrachus led by Sgt. Barrcahus (Mr. T. reference hehe) armed with a bolt pistol and power maul. The rest are plain old 'bolter Marines.'

I challenged myself to do this.I never painted minis in this span of time. Normally it would take me days to finish a 5-man squad, let alone 20 or so greenskins.

Here's Veteran Sergeant Barrachus. If you haven't figured it out, there's an '80's action show reference going on here.

Speed painting made me realize that minis can be painted and fielded fast. I can actually feel finishing a squad before noon and having them on the tabletop the following afternoon for a few games. 

And oh, here's another thing I got from my buddy who sold me the squad:

A badly beaten Land Speeder!

Would this be for the Orks or Marines?

Stay tuned!

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