Finished: Scratch built Warhammer 40,000 Ork Deff Dredd

I've been bitten yet again buy the plamo bug and here I am finishing plamo and minis left and right.

Just finished my Scratchbuilt Ork Deff Dredd today. Its mainly made from a Korean SD robot kit (called 'Omoroids'), an Ork Deff Kopta and a whole lotta other bits.

In the game, it is an Ork Deff Dredd with 2 Dreadnought close-combat weapons, a Skorcha and a rokkit launcha.

It started life as a lone Ork Deff Kopta sitting beside the aformentioned Korean robot kit on top of my work table. Since i already had a full complement of  Deff Koptas in my Ork army, I decided to have one turned into something more useful.

The 'Kokkpit'
 I first thought of having it done as a Warbuggy but that was done already and is kinda typical. So is turning it into a bike, which I need 3 or more of in my army.

I was proxying a Deff Dredd for the longest type, and seeing the two kits together gave me the idea to, well, make this mini.A few weeks of working on this bad boy and here it goes.

Looks familiar (betcha know this Gundam fans!)?
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