Finished: Ultramarines Honor Guard


As I say often here, another day, another kit finished.

And what we have here is an Ultramarine Honor Guard commissioned for my neighbor (and Warhammer 40,000 nemesis). This was my first time trying out Finecast and I say it was a great experience. I'm hearing a lot of negative about Finecast, with bubbles, miscast and all sort of other stories about their minis. Luckily, this Honor Guard came with just a few imperfections that I easily remedied.

Here are a few people's reactions to it on deviantart:

PhantasmaStriker says: "I can see the banner being a nightmare to paint, so many little details on it..." 

Cuanwei on the mini itself: "I daresay, this is simply stunning.Very vanilla colours, but the arrangement and style sets it apart."

I actually had a harder time painting the banner than the Marine himself. Now I'd like to try out a number of Ork Finecasts now
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