It's the monsoon season here in the Philippines. And that means I'm staying indoors for most of the day. 

It's a good thing, at least for me. I have a few Ork mobs waiting in my queue so you know what that means: PAINTING TIME!

So in the past couple of day, I had 2 mobs of my boyz painted up and ready for battle! Firsy up are my 'Ard Boys:

Just finished another bunch of 10 'Ard Boyz plus their Nob. Now they're 20+ strong and I maybe adding more to max out their mob to 30 (I dunno about this but I may be the only one doing this).

A bit of background info: 'Ard ('Hard') Boyz are basically Ork Boyz issued with better armor so they're almost better in assaults and being spearheads/meat blocks in games.

Next up is a 12-strong mob of Shoota Boyz done the following day. These were from a friend of mine, they happen to be in his bitz box for some time now. I asked if I could buy it from him but he was kind enough to GIVE them to me while saying that he knows they'll be in good hands.

 BG Check: Shoota boyz are basically ork boyz that prefer shooting (!!!).

I might be retouching some of my old ladz into the new 'limey green' scheme that I'm doing my newer boyz now. And I'm looking at around 50+ orks with that old scheme.

And I'm glad I'm close to painting all my orks soon.
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