Finished: SD Gundam Unicorn

Again, it's been a while since I posted here in my corner of the Universe. I had a lot to deal with in real life, with build and paint commissions left and right. Every now and then though, I manage to take care of some personal projects like this one:

A SD Gundam Unicorn!

Here it is in its Unicorn ('Normal') mode:

A hand-me-down from one of my buddies who opted to collect Master Grades from now on. Had the idea of having it painted with extreme highlights to represent it 'bursting' out from Unicorn to Destroy mode. I like this kit even better than its HG or MG counterpart as its transformation and poseability is a LOT more fun.

And now, for its (Newtype) Destroy mode.

The transformation between two modes is flawless and is a lot of fun actually. I wish Bandai would make more SD gunpla like this. And seeing the new SD kits from Gundam AGE kits, they are certainly making some improvements.

So what's next? I do happen to have a SD Sinanju handed dwon also :3
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