Some time off

I'll be taking some time off from reviewing and other activities on this blog. It will not take too long though, just over the weekends so it's just like the normal hiatus I do very week. It's a way of offering a period of silence for Japan, and other countries that are being affected by natural disasters and internal discord. My own country included. I have friends in Japan and some family members currently working in the Middle East and with all the chaos going on, all I can do is pray for their safety and return.

I'd also like to extend my condolences to all those who've lost their loved ones over the course of these past few tumultuous weeks, especially in Japan a country close to my heart as my own. Japan has been instrumental in what I am right now. I've heard from gunjap, a fellow blogger that the Japanese hobby industry has suffered a huge blow from the recent major earthquake and tsunami combo that hit their shores, disastrous events that me and the rest of the Filipino people are very familiar with. Companies like Volks and Kotobukiya, Bandai etc have already notified their customers that their production and distribution has been suspended for an indefinite amount of time.I may seem superficial by just being mostly concerned about Japan's hobby industry but take it this way: there are people like you and me who are behind all of it and they deserve all the sympathy and help they can get from all of us, much in the same way for any country struck by disaster. 

With all this, I just have one simple wish: that we may all get through these trials and be back on our feet as soon as we all can.

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