Komiks Review: Kubori Kikiam 'I *heart* Short Shorts'

Who doesn't *heart* short shorts?

A short dossier on Kubori Kikiam first. The series follow the misadventures of a  trio of mutated humanoid kikiams (fish rolls, yes they are mutant food!) as they battle the evil fishballs (more mutated food!) while trying to discover who or what created them in the first place. The main story line was serialized in mini-comics (called 'guinea pigs' by the creators) before being included in the (now-defunct) manga anthology Culture Crash. Since then, the main Kubori Kikiam plot has been 'suspended' but a number of spin-off strips have been made to fill in the gap.

Apparently, the third Kubori Kikiam strip compilation starts with the first statement above and leads from one thing to another as creator Michael David a.k.a 'Taga-Kanal' could only offer. As with the two previous two compilations, Kubori Kikiam 'I *heart* Short Shorts' is presented in a short book format with colored front and back covers but what makes it different is that it has an Easter Egg in it that you have to see or rather 'feel' for yourselves.

If 'Kubori Strips for the Soul' is the PG-rated one in the series and 'Best Things in Life' is R-rated, then Kubori Kikiam 'I *heart* Short Shorts' gets the X-rating in the bunch. David ups the ante by introducing more raunchy jokes and scenes than ever before. The kikiams are back in action with more porn, toilet humor and anatomy references than you can ever fit in a book, and we all know what that means. In a way, Kubori Kikiam 'I *heart* Short Shorts'takes the guilty out of 'guilty pleasure'. There are even throwback scenes from Culture Crash, an added bonus to the older fans. And with the way things are going with the current story arc, ('The Melancholy of Edward Cordero', can be read in the website) things could get a bit more extreme than this one.

Kubori Kikiam 'I *heart* Short Shorts' is not for everybody though due to its adult-oriented content and it was a wise decision on the authors part to put a warning not to sell it to minors. Still, Kubori Kikiam 'I *heart* Short Shorts' is a must have in any one's indie collection. 
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