Komiks Review: Maktan #1

Maktan by Teppai Pascual (under Meganon Comics) belongs to a rare breed of indies that explores Philippine history,particularly the Battle of Maktan. Presented in ashcan format with a superbly done black and white cover, Maktan delivers visually. I can describe Teppai Pascual's art as a hybrid of traditional Filipino and manga art,quite a common mix but I dare say that it does not really follow the 'generic' mold that is so prevalent these days .

Around 70% of the Maktan's first issue is told visually, with the dialogue scattered sparingly through out the book. The last few pages in particular, mainly a discussion between Datu Lapu-lapu and a Spanish envoy became the narrative foci of the book. That paved way for the plot and while the first book ended in a major cliffhanger, it got the whole story rolling.

I believe in presenting our local history in komiks form with a few adulterations as possible, or none at all. I am yet to read the rest of Maktan and see if it will stick to the historical formula. Overall a good read and here's hoping that the rest of the story would be finished.

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