Otaku,Then and Now Part 2: Otaku video gaming back then

Video gaming is an essential aspect of being an otaku. And for most of us, this is where our fascination began.

And the console of choice: the Nintendo Family Computer a.k.a the Nintendo Entertainment System in North American territories. The Famicom as it was fondly called, was responsible for bringing us games like Super Mario Bros., Legend ofKage, Ikari Warriors, Contra,Rockman, Ninja Gaiden and the lot. Those games were simple yet brilliant, looking back they were the games that shaped not only our otaku fancy but the whole video gaming industry itself. I remember playing some of these straight out of Japan and thus, were untranslated. English versions of early games were uncommon, but due to the stright-forward nature of most of these games, figuring out the plot and finishing them were relatively easy.

Then came the Sega Mega Drive, which was a revolutionary system for it's time. Sega introduced us to Sonic, Golden Axe, Killer Instinct and a slew of other next gen games. Suddenly, the industry was abuzz, prompting Nintendo to step in with their Super Famicom rivaling Sega's machine supremacy. For a few years, Sega and Nintendo were tooth and nail with each other. Companies like Atari and 3DO came up with their systems, but were not able to cope up with the two's dominion.

Then came the 'portable console wars' which started with the Nintendo Gameboy which was an instant hit among otaku gamers as they can take their games practically everywhere. Sega, never far behind came up with their Game Gear, a colored portable system that seemed to give Nintendo a run for its money. But the Gameboy was proven to be the better system all because of one game: Pokemon. But that is another story altogether reserved for another time.

Then came the Playstation era, giving us beautiful games such as Final Fantasy VII, Tekken, Ridge Racer 4 and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to name a few. Playstation games undeniably paved way to better content not only in terms of graphics but also in a game's plot.The Playstation was so revolutionary that disc based systems were made the norm up to this day (with Nintendo shifting to mini-DVD's just recently. Metal Gear Solid for example, was dubbed as one of the most successful games in history not because it was finely strewn together thanks to the Playstation's hardware.

More on the otaku lifestyle then and now on later parts of this series.

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