Been around town lately...

...and I finally got my mini air compressor for my airbrush!

It's not much, just a Kawasaki tankless TC-310 suitable for some light airbrush work. I'm currentl practicing on handling the airbrush and getting the feel of it.I've yet to do actual painting with it.

So far, I've tested it with water-based acrylics and inks. I'm satisfied on how it turned out on inks but it might need a little more work on the acrylics though.

And another good thing over the weekends though was this little get-together I had with some of my gunpla building friends (and good geeks in all). I've been with these guys since high school and its been quite a few long years since we've all gathered like this. That and we all met in the same mall that I've acquired my new compressor even.

Oh before I go, I'm going to leave you with this. It got left out from the previous post:

A 1/1 Optimus Prime from China made from scrap!

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