Komiks Review: Kapitan Tog and Crack!

I'm going to make this review short and sweet like the indies themselves. Simply put, Kapitan Tog and Crack are hilarious indies from creator Freely Abrigo (you also might know him as the creator of  Kulas from Manila Bulletin). First off, the quality of the books are excellent with Kapitan Tog having a  glossy cover and Crack in the more affordable mini-comic format.Kapitan Tog is about the adventures of a bumbling superhero who manages to work it out at the end of the day while Crack is a collection of funny vignettes in mini-comics form (an emerging trend these days). Both work on the ethos of 'less words, more action and hilarity', a great combination rarely seen in indies today. Crack even has a disclaimer: "For those who are too lazy to read" which actually fits both indies as well.
I'd recommend Kapitan Tog and Crack to readers who are looking for a quick, good laugh.

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